Privacy issues are very important to Service Gauge. Service Gauge is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and security for all data collected both from individuals on behalf of our clients through our online feedback systems, as well as from visitors to our publicly available web site.

Personal Data
Service Gauge provides online survey services to its clients. Typically clients provide Service Gauge with data on customers and other stakeholders such as name, company, location and email address. Service Gauge, its clients, or both may use commercially available panel/list partners who provide personal information about people who have previously agreed to receive communications for research purposes.

How Service Gauge uses the data provided by its Clients
Service Gauge clients are provided with data submitted by their customers, and Service Gauge uses this information to provide monetary prizes to survey participants. Service Gauge may collect additional personal information from survey participants that typically is made available to the client for whom Service Gauge provides the survey service. Service Gauge may use the information provided by survey respondents to contact the respondents for additional information, to involve them in additional surveys, or to increase the number of respondents. Participation in any survey is always optional.

Onward transfer
Personal data is never shared with any third parties unless the survey respondent has specifically authorized such sharing.

Your Personal Information
Your personal information will never be sold, disseminated or provided to any third parties. Any distribution of your information will only be done with your prior written consent.

Disclosures required by law
In certain circumstances, it is possible that personal information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders.

Aggregate non-personal data
As part of the services Service Gauge provides to its clients, data might be available for the purposes of comparing the performance of various companies in the same industry to aggregate industry-wide performance. Data used for such purposes does not include any personal data (i.e., data that contains any information that could be used to identify the person or organization providing the information).

Service Gauge only sends survey participation emails to people whose email addresses we have received either from our clients, respondents, or from opt-in panel/list partners.

Opting Out
Service Gauge offers all survey respondents an "opt-out" link, which prevents participants from receiving further contact from Service Gauge.

Visitors to Service Gauge web site
Service Gauge may collect non-identifiable information from visitors to its web site to help provide better customer service. For example, Service Gauge might keep information of the domains from which people visit, the IP address from which they came, and which pages those visitors accessed. This allows Service Gauge to analyze trends and statistics, and helps Service Gauge provide superior web site content.

Web visitors may be asked to provide personal contact information in exchange for access to white papers and certain other content on our website. Service Gauge may use this information for sales and marketing purposes. This information will never be shared with any third party.

Privacy Disclaimer